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IT Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure services cover administration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization of corporate IT infrastructures. PROiTECH helps companies keep their IT infrastructures fully operable, reliable, and cost-efficient.

Our Products & Services

Storage and Virtual Servers

Storage can make a big impact on your agility, your budget, and your day-to-day workflow. Our experts can guide you to the most strategic solution, and help you get the best deal. Storage is becoming a best practice for businesses who want to work smarter. Taking your data off-site has benefits that are tough to beat. Take advantage of full server capacity by managing multiple servers from a central location.

  • Lower energy costs.
  • Fewer hardware demands.
  • Simplified server management.
  • Saving on software costs
  • Use pre-built technology
Networking Solutions

There will always be frustrations in life. Your network doesn’t have to be one of them. We've assembled specialized teams whose sole focus is designing, implementing, and maintaining the best network services for businesses of every size. This isn't the kind of project you hand over to just anyone. Our Network Management Services provide proactive and round-the-clock management of your technology. They include:

  • Network management & monitoring tools.
  • Monitoring of attached network devices.
  • Monthly status reporting.
  • Anti-virus software management.
  • Security, file sharing and user administration.
Connectivity Solutions

Many businesses struggle with high cost of connectivity, with SD-WAN architecture, businesses have the flexibility to choose the type of underlay network.

We help corporate to connect hybrid workforce & remote branches in the most cost-effective way. No matter where your users connect from, we’ll make sure your network keeps them within easy reach.

Get a wireless design that's just right for your business, plus ongoing maintenance as your business grows.

Data Center

The way enterprises own, manage and utilize data centers will continue to evolve. Is it smarter to keep workloads in your own data center or utilize a managed service provider’s data center? What type of hosting model? What type of consumption model? Organizations managing their own data centers are often challenged with fluctuating capacity, and paying for it, regardless of actual consumption. Without the right hybrid migration strategy, you will miss opportunities to consolidate and optimize applications and services, losing out on savings and increasing risk.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications Unified communications is the future of business communications and the best bridge to positive interaction with your customers.

The right unified communications (UC) solution can improve productivity, reduce costs, and significantly increase customer service.

Our attention to detail and multiple deployment options allows us to give you a seamless UC experience from start to finish.


PROiTECH brings in its years of expertise in this area by offering skilled IT resources and take away all the burden of CIOs & Senior Managers, helping them devote quality time to organization's Business goals as well as to their families. We ensure to have our engineers well trained in the required areas of Technology, Customer Services, Customer Satisfaction.

Video Conferencing

Work the way you want.

Keep your distributed team & locations connected in a powerful way by creating a cost effective and secure meeting environment with new ways of collaboration & video conferencing..

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